Academic Excellence

The year began with a victory note on 3rd June. An epoch making success In the Board examination of March 2017, the school secured 100 % pass in standard X this year too. Among 23 students, who appeared for the board exam, Ayona Kuriakose,   Meera Mariam Jacob ,   Vaishnavi  S Anil and Vishnu Krishnankutty     obtained A1 grade for all subjects and added another feather to the AMG’s  cap.  Congratulations to you dear Gregorian  and the teachers. An award day was kept up on 8th June in the presence of Mr. Reji Chacko,the president of Kalloopara Grama Panjayath. And Fr. Issac Parappallil, the former Manager .  The toppers were given cash awards, and a memento for the rest.

The school council Election

School has to go on, with the collaborative work of teachers, parents and students.  The school council election was held on 2nd June 2017. Roshan Renny Vraghese  and  Gladies Sara BIJU of X were elected as head boy and headgirl  .  Besides that we have   four house captains -Bluehouse -Amy Susan Roy – yellow house- Gayathri saji Kumar-. Red house Akshay P. Pushpakumar…..and Greenhouse Archana S. Nair. Correspondingly we have Devu V. T of X as sports leader and Arun Joseph X as cultural leader.  In addition to that class prefects and class leaders assist us in obtaining discipline. .On21st june 2017 witnessed the oath taking ceremony called investiture day. Let me take this opportunity to thank these young leaders who promised to be in line with AMG vision.

Character and spiritual formation:

A healthy character is cultivated among the students with a sound spiritual and moral education. Aware of the deteriorating value system in the society, we give paramount importance to moral instruction, to promote human and moral values through moral science classes every week.  Moreover awareness classes on anti-drugs,  motivation classes on study and moral aspects, talks on personality developments, were done without fail. Best way to find one is to lose oneself in the service of others, Inorder to cultivate solidarity with the weak; we have arranged with children twice a month to give lunch packets to the nearby Bethany Divyakarunyalaya Aasram- an Oldage home.


It was a pleasant event when 42 little tots, enrolled their name in the book of Kindergarten register for the first time as Gregorian’s. Fr. Manager Jose Manoorkizhakethil and sister  Geetha Mathew  the principal along with the class teachers welcomed the children with music and colourful balloons creating a conducive atmosphere in and around AMG.


UKG graduation Day for standard I

It is customary in AMG annals to introduce the Kindergarten children, officially to the academic entries by keeping up the Graduation Day for all the UKG students to first standard, aiming at the comprehensive growth of each child. The presence of the parents added additional Joy as the Manager gifted them with a certificates of merit.

Academic performance

Fortune is the rod and staff of the brave. A day is set apart to award the best performers of each class, who scored above 90 percentages in their academic presentation. Dressed up in the traditional costume style and received a certificate of proficiency from Fr. Manager on 9th of June. On and off children are encouraged with excellent cards or small gifts, for their personal effort and industrious spirit in their learning. Spoken English is given importance and they are awarded on every Monday with a medal, as well as a class trophy for the best spoken class. Two Periodical exams and Half yearly and annual exam are conducted as per the CBSE exam scheme for the entire school and simultaneously, OPEN day is kept up to evaluate together, the performance and the forthcoming performance of the student. Almost all the parents are very co-operative and appreciative. We also have provided better facility in study by fabricating digital classes, well furnished library and science composite lab, computer lab etc.

Extra curricular activites

Working together in a spirit of reciprocity and communion is strongly affirmed in AMG School. The aptitude of the student plays a vital role in the formation of their carrier. Here in Gregorian school,  they have very vibrant and interactive experiences, especially with the help of the house system and club system. All the activities of the school spin around the house system.. The various clubs that function in the campus are  Heritage club, eco club, quiz club, literary club,   and health and wellness club.  Maths club etc. on every Friday they come together with the concerned teachers as per their propensity. In the co-scholastic area we have activities such as Drawing, Karate Yoga, Dance, Classical Music, Instrumental Music etc.  Thanks to all the instructors who collaborate with AMG.


Book Fair and Exhibition

A reader lives thousand lives before he dies,. A Book Fair by the Papyrus Children’s Book–  Kottayam was organized on 16th December  to encourage the children, the habit of book reading.  On the same day we kept up the science exhibition EDUSCAPE  from class 1 to X .Divergent thinking and originality is always encouraged here at AMG. Children are given ample opportunity to come up with their creative ideas.  Exhibition was one of the means.  Thanks to all the science teachers  Mrs.Anju achama,  Miss Biby B. Karippai,  Mrs.sheena Varghese, and  all the other  teachers and students for your Mega programme.

School assembly

It is organized in a regular basis to help students to bloom in their creativity, leadership, discover their artistic and literary tastes.  The class that is allotted for a week, do conduct the morning  prayer, thought for the day, News reading, introducing an inspiring hero of their choice, highlight a landmark of any country, etc.  Besides this to add pep and flavour they have entertaining  programme as well.

Arts Fest- Gregoltsav -Sahodaya kalolsavam and Inter school competition

The school level Arts kaloltsava  named  Gregoltsv was conducted on 4th August with all its pomp and splendour.  Various new group and individual items were introduced this year and several of them displayed their maximum talents which gave feast to our eyes. Akshay. P. Pushpakumar of X and Glady sara BIJU were selected as kala prathiba and Kalathilakam of AMG 2017-18 respectively. All those who bagged many prizes were taken for the inter school Sahodaya kaloltsava conducted in different schools such as Mar Dionysius school, Believers church and Nirmal Jyothi Mallapally and proud to say that ,

Nithya B Nair     ( IX )            –     got         III  Hindi recitation

Aravind A    (  VII )        secured         II  Hindi recitation

Group song junior session led by Sona and team got II place too.

On first December winners of Arts fest in the school level, were taken to Alappuzha Matha Public school for inter school competition and bagged the following prizes

Jiya soman                                          II prize

Anetta kuriakose of VII                        I  prize,

Mimicry Sree ram of class Ix              III prize,

Extempore Axa Anna chacko VIII      III prize,

Nadan pattu                                          II prize,

Group song Junior                                II prize,

Patriotic song                                        III   Prize    and thus, we won over all trophy for the  group singing.

Study Tours and outings

The school life is made memorable by outings and study tours for IX and X. Three days of outings to Mysore and Coorg and lovely experience in wyanad etched in memory an unforgettable experience. It was indeed a moment of relaxation and refreshment

Onam celebrations

31st August marked the most colourful and enjoyable day when the school was decorated with floral carpets. They had a credible celebration with cultural programmes, games, and onam sadhya  in collaboration with PTA members.  The objective behind every celebration is to bring harmony and happiness of hearts.  On this day we had the releasing of the Magazine INBOX by Father  Cherian Thazhamun, the vicar General of Thiruvalla, a fantastic work of the Editorial Board under Laiju Koshy Mathew and Team. A well deserved thanks to each of them.

Sports and Games

The Annual Athletic meet was held on 17th November morning, around 9.30 AM . Hoisting the sports flag, The March past, sports oath ceremony, were the high light of the day. Fr, Manager, officiated the meet by lighting the Olympic torch.   400mt Running race, shot-put, long jump 400mt relay, were the central events of the day.  Individual champions of various categories of Athletic races are

 Buddies                 Aron Suby -III –                                            Heavena Mariam -III

Kiddies       Alex Mathew Thangalathil -IV  –                Alona Mariam Abraham- IV

Sub Junior              Sano Kozhy George–V-                       Maria Varghese-VI

Juniors                    Adul Pratheep – VIII-                      Anna susan Abraham -VIII

Seniors                     Gikson v Soji      -X   –                                   Devu V.T-X

The football match was held on 28th November and the Red House team was the Winners under the team captain Akshay Pushpakumar and the runners up was for Green house Under Issan and team. Thanks to  Mr.Nidhin Premkumar who arranged the Match .  It was indeed a spectacular scene as Master Akshay Premkumar  the best player of the Match displayed his feats to its  climax.


Fun and frolic is notable note in the AMG School. Young minds crave for dynamism and variety.  We celebrated days of national importance like Independence Day, Republic Day, Environmental Day , Patrons Day, Hiroshima Day, children’s Day,  Father’s Day, Birthday of Fr. Manager, Teachers’ Day, Christmas  Day etc.   They were indeed observed with grandeur and solemnity,

Christmas celebrations:

Christmas is a celebration of self-gift of Jesus to the world, who emptied himself to be born poor. This year we had a different and meaningful celebration of Christmas.  The chief guest of the Christmas celebration was the Shanthi Bhavan Special School children from Kadamankulam, along with their instructors. Loud applause and music and colourful atmosphere in the campus created a welcoming spirit.  It was thrilling to see these children staging different programmes during this sneha Sanghamam. It was heart touching as they could move rhythmically conferring to the music. The purpose behind this celebration is to make the students aware that Life finds its real significance only in sharing. Yes, we make a life by what we give.


Parent Teacher Association

The mission of education is shared between the parents and the teachers.  AMG is blessed with an efficient and collaborative parent teacher association led by Mr, Binnet Thomas, the newly elected PTA president and Ginu Varghese the Mother PTA.  The PTA General Body was held on 8th July 2017 and representatives were elected from each class. Fr. Manager motivated the parent community, on how to accompany the child.  Periodical meeting is conducted and discussed on the main events of the school and we feel their close collaboration. Mr Shaji Thomas who expired on 1st November was a close associate of AMG PTA Executive committee.  At this juncture we express our deep heartfelt condolence, to the bereaved family who lost their dear one.

Scholarship exams

168 of our students participated in the Issac Mar Youhanon Hand writing contest and 20 of them won Gold medals and certificates. And special attention is drawn to Sayamol Biju  of IX, and Rose Thomas of UKG , who  got cash awards and certificates . Akhila Kerala Balarama Chithra Rajana competition was conducted by YMCA and many of our students succeeded in getting prizes . Mar Evanios Memorial All India scholarship Examination was held on14th October and 12 of them among 143 students bagged cash awards and Medals. They are

  1. Kalidas – VIII

Glady sara  Biju                      -X

Pavithra Radhakrishnan       – VI

Roshan Renny                        –  X

Elizabeth Susan                      –  V

Joel ninan Varghese              – VIII


True to the motto “ Lux mea caritas” of the school, we the management, teachers, parents and Gregorian’s together have grown too big for the school.  At this juncture, I thank. His Grace  Mar Thomas Kuriloos, Metropolitan Archbishop of Thiruvalla, who by his presence, has enriched us and added additional joy today, by being here with us . I also thank Fr. Anthony Chethipuzha, the  Manager of English Medium schools  of the diocese of Thiruvalla . Fr. Ignatious Thangalthil superior of Divyakarunalaya, Kottoor, Smt Elizabeth Mathew, President of Kaviyoor Grama Panjayath, smt. Ratnamaniyamma, Member of Kaviyoor Grama Panjayath. Sri Binnet Thomas PTA president, who have festooned and enriched this evening by their charisma.

Close on heels I thank the Manger of the school, Fr. Jose Manoorkizhakethil, whose indefatigable work has raised AMG to a new look  and a noteworthy face lift by providing a better infrastructure flooring, digital class rooms, enticing paintings  in the Kindergarten class rooms and around,  rennovating the school, and through other timely, wise, and constructive instructions, solely for the growth of this institution. He is a man of vision with impervious and undeterred spirit who wants to bring up AMG to greater heights.

Throughout the years, the management has ensured that the AMG developed a strong reputation for academic excellence and extracurricular activities.  There is 14 years of commitment to education and AMG School will continue to be a school of its time, educating students to integrity, quality, confidence, and compassion for the fellow being.  For all what we have been and we are, I bow before the Lord Almighty, with a greatful Heart, our blessed Mother and our school Patron, Archbishop Mar Gregorios.

Soliciting your support ,encouragement and co-operation for the integral development of every child and the promotion of the school in the years ahead  praying God’s blessings and wishing you only the very best I sign out.