1. Students should be sent to school properly and neatly dressed
  2. Students are advised to study in the class on their early arrival at school.All students should go for the Assembly immediately after the first bell in strict silence.
  3. All the belongings of every student must bear the name of the owner
  4. The school is not responsible for the loss of books , pens ,pencils , umbrella , money and other things. Students are not allowed to wear ornaments of gold 
  5. Students are advised to avoid quarrels but to promote to help one another.
  6. Students should bring the school dairy to school everyday.Parents are requested to look into the school dairy everyday and co-operate with the intimations given therein.if lost , duplicate copy of school dairy will be issued by the school on payment on Rs.250/-
  7. The school depends on students for its good name and the school is theirs.Therefore pupils should never scream or shout or howl or make whistling noises in the school but should maintain a calm atmosphere of study.
  8. Students are forbidden to go to shops or to the homes of other students without the permission of the teachers after coming to school.
  9. The management may request a parent / guardian to withdraw his / her child in case he / she does not fit in with the regulations of the school and is found to be incapable for improvement. In such cases the decision of the principal shall be final.
  10. There will be moral science classes which will have to be attended also by non-christian students.
  11. Students should never forget to wish their teachers and other respectable persons and one another.They must show the sign of good manners and culture in conversations , saying thank you , please , yes teachers etc.
  12. All saturdays are holidays for K.G section.
  13. If any parent wants to take his / her child home during class hours for any reason , he / she should come to in person.Information given over telephone will not be entertained.Children will not be sent away with anyone other than the parent unless a duly authorised person comes to take him / her with a note of authority from the parents.
  14. Students are continuously monitored through CCTV cameras.The school building both inside and outside are equipped with these cameras , any in disciplinary action will call for penalization or suspension.